Epson FX-2190II dot matrix printer 240 x 144 DPI 738 cps

Epson FX-2190II dot matrix printer 240 x 144 DPI 738 cps

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Product Description

Nine-pin dot matrix printer offering fast printing, outstanding reliability and an extremely low TCO.

The FX-2190II is a high-volume, low TCO 136-column dot matrix printer designed for faster, more reliable printing. A contemporary new design and smaller footprint make it an easy upgrade.

Market-leading print speeds
The FX-2190II offers an improved USD (ultra speed draft) speed of 738 characters per second at 12 characters per inch, making a real difference to high-volume print runs such as stock reports, large batches of invoices or freight documents.

Outstanding reliability
Building on Epson's established and reliable dot matrix technology, the new range of printers improves the mean time between failures by 25 percent This delivers 25,000 of power-on hours, ideal for challenging conditions where regular maintenance is not practical.

Smaller footprint
Epson's new range of dot matrix printers has a refreshed design with a smaller footprint - depth has been reduced to just 320mm - making it easy to place into a business environment.


Market-leading print speeds1: Complete your high-volume print runs even faster

Very low TCO: Cheap, long-lasting consumables and low power use

Even better reliability: Improved by 25 percent to 25,000 power-on hours

Smaller footprint: Allows for easy placement within a business environment

Energy Star compliant: To ensure the best possible energy efficiency


Ports & interfaces
Standard interfaces
Parallel, USB
Maximum print speed
738 cps
Maximum resolution
240 x 144 DPI
Maximum printing width (columns)
Print head
Buffer size
128 KB
Sound pressure level (printing)
55 dB
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